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  • A key objective of the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce is to be an effective advocate for West Winnipeg businesses. The Chamber works on your behalf. Our alliances with other Chambers and Boards of Trade, including the Manitoba and Canadian Chambers, provide us with information and access to all levels of government. We carry the collective and individual views of Chamber members to all levels of government to ensure that your voice is heard. 

    The Assiniboia Chamber proudly boasts that it is a proactive, not a reactive, organization. We help draft policy rather than simply criticize it. Together, with our members input, we strive to provide solutions that work for all.

    Our Advocacy & Development Committee meets every couple of months on a Wednesday evening. If you would like to contribute to providing solutions or raising concerns on behalf of the West Winnipeg business community, please contact the Chamber office at (204) 774-4154.

    Hearing from our Chamber members on items that matter to them and for the betterment of our community is something we strongly encourage. Each matter will be thoroughly investigated and researched prior to sharing the information with the appropriate level of government.

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