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    Extended Shopping Hours - Sunday

    Our recent member poll on the question - " There is considerable discussion on extending Sunday Shopping hours. If the hours are extended beyond the current 10am - 6pm, will this be of benefit to your business?"

    The response from the poll was fairly widespread, 19% responded Yes, their business would benefit, 29% responded No, their business would not benefit and 52% said there would be no effect as they were not open now on Sunday. So what does this tell us? First of all there was not sufficient responses to be statistically reliable and therefore this can only be construe as a snapshot of opinion. 

    What we can determine is that there is no one satisfactory solution, according to the response a small segment of the business community would benefit from extended hours, a large segment of the business community wouldn't be affected at all and a small but significant portion of our business community would be negatively affected. As a single question poll, this did not provide us with insight as to what the benefits would be negative or positive.

    What we can deduce and what we have submitted in a briefing document to our five Assiniboia MLA's is that individual businesses can likely make the decision based on their individual operation whether they should be open at all or with extended hours. What we support is government reducing the barriers that will allow business to make their own decision in regard to operating hours given their business operation and market conditions.

    Pre-Budget Community Consultations 2016

    The chamber presented to a panel of three Assiniboia District MLA's on November 28, 2016 our position and areas of interest for consideration in the 2017 budget planning. While the chamber was not specific on funding for these area, we suggested that they be taken into consideration for the economic benefit in the short and long term. Providing opportunity to create employment, improve infrastructure and new commercial/residential development.

    Centreport Canada - to continue development of this economic generator.

    Royal Western Aviation Museum - Funding support to allow the construction of a new facility enhancing the airport community with a quality tourism destination.

    Kapyong Barracks - to be involved and support the process to develop new commercial and residential opportunities.

    Manitoba Hydro - Oversight to ensure viability and beneficial utility rates for commercial and residential customers.

    Winnipeg Transit - funding support to extend transit to the western reaches of the city on a year round basis and to coordinate a capital region transportation plan for community growth beyond the perimeter. 

    The MLA's were also looking for further input on creative ways to manage the province's budget and expenditures of which there can be creativity in the delivery of services, reducing duplication and waste. The chamber was asked to consider how as an organization we can assist the province in economic growth and supporting further market development. The chamber will take this into consideration given our limited resources.



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