• Chairman's Message

  •       Message from the Chair of  the Board – Michael Cabral       

    We want to welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit The Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce website. Our aim is to provide value to businesses located in the Winnipeg West area through continuous training, events, and networking opportunities that will allow us to get an understanding of how to better serve you and your needs.

    Apart from being the Chair of The Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce - Board of Directors, I serve on the board for Heritage Victoria Community Centre and the St. Charles Soccer Association. I believe that it is important to be involved in your local community so that you can bring awareness to what your community can offer along while ensuring that voices are being heard. We work together to bring the desired change and progress needed to succeed.

    I am also a Mortgage Professional and my mission is to bring a high level of trust, integrity, and caring back to the mortgage process along with helping as many people as I possibly can to become home owners.  

    I feel truly blessed and grateful to have a beautiful wife and 3 kids that I love and provide me with the support I need along my journey.

    The reason why I shared what I do besides being Chair for The Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce is to illustrate how passionate I am about helping others and my community along with being an advocate for those in need.  

    Our Chamber will bring your concerns to the multiple levels of government through our direct efforts, in concert with other chambers on a local, provincial and national level and through our ability to build and establish long lasting relationships. Most importantly, our chamber is a forum, where members can share their products and services, resulting in a collective of businesses all aimed at helping support each other’s growth and expansion which will improve Winnipeg West businesses and the community as a whole.

    Our chamber strives to attract and bring together a diverse group of new businesses to the chamber so we can continually expand our reach and improve our ability to serve our members and their needs.

    We look forward to meeting you at one of our future events where we can learn from you as well as provide you the necessary tools needed for your continued growth through training, events, and networking opportunities that we will offer.

    Make it a great day!


    Michael Cabral



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